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At NoëlSy, we believe Beauty is not only an aesthetic but also a Purpose

We believe Beauty is Inclusive

We believe Beauty is Art

We believe Beauty can make the World a Better Place

Our Mission is to celebrate Individuality through Inclusivity, Foster a Vibrant Community that Values Artistry and Passion

We Embrace Diversity and Thrive on Collaboration, creating a Luxurious Experience that Honors each Unique Vision

We are Art in Beauty

Hair Color


Partial Highlights/Partial Balayage


Full Highlights/Full Balayage


Single Process (Includes Color Gloss)


Color Gloss




Partial Highlights/ Partial Balayage


Full Highlights/ Full Balayage


Single Process (Includes Color Gloss)


Color Gloss




Partial Highlights/ Partial Balayage


Full Highlights/ Full Balayage


Single Process (Includes Color Gloss)


Color Gloss


Color Correction / price upon consultation

Haircut & Style


Haircut ‣ $194+

Blowdry ‣ $94+


Haircut ‣ $126+

Blowdry ‣ $59+


Haircut ‣ $99+

Blowdry ‣ $54+



Haircut ‣ $59+

Cleanup ‣ $24+

Beard Trim ‣ $20+



Boys ‣ $54+

Girls ‣ $69+



Bang Trim ‣ $20+

Comb Out ‣ $24+

Extensions / price upon consultation

Keratin Treatments

Trissola/True or True+









NoëlSy Facial ‣ 55 min 


Pure Clarifying Facial ‣ 55 min 


Gold Illuminating Facial ‣ 55 min


Back "Facial" ‣ 55 min 



Collagen Fiber Mask ‣ For NoëlSy Facial Only 


Special Hand Treatment ‣ 30 min 


Special Eye Treatment 


Wax Tint Tweeze

Ears ‣ $25

Eyebrow ‣ $28

Lip ‣ $17+

Chin ‣ $19+

Neck ‣ $19

Sideburns ‣ $19

Underarms ‣ $30

Bikini ‣ $48

French Bikini ‣ $64

Brazilian Bikini ‣ $84+

Upper Leg ‣ $61

Lower Leg ‣ $55

Full Leg ‣ $96

Back ‣ $63+

Chest ‣ $63+

Shoulders ‣ $35

Half Arm ‣ $41

Full Arm ‣ $58

Hands ‣ $13

Feet ‣ $12


Eyebrow Tweeze ‣ $33

Lip Tweeze ‣ $23

Eyebrow Dye ‣ $27

Eyelash Dye ‣ $54

Eyelash Application ‣ $45


we're not a one size fits all salon

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SUNDAY - 9am to 3pm

MONDAY - Closed

TUESDAY - 7:30am to 6pm

WEDNESDAY - 7:30am to 6pm

THURSDAY - 8am to 8pm

FRIDAY - 7:30am to 6pm

SATURDAY 7:30am to 4pm



There is a Municipal Parking lot behind the Salon, located on Old Lancaster Road.  
We have a few parking spaces that are reserved for NoelSy Guests, otherwise you can use any meter spaces and we will gladly take care of the meter once you have informed our Guest services staff of where you are parked.
Due to limited space for all other Businesses Patrons, we are asking our guests to avoid parking in the parking spaces reserved for other Businesses.


We understand things happen; life gets busy.

We will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you must cancel or rebook your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for Hair Color, Haircut and Hair Style and 72 hours notice for Keratin Treatment and Facials.

Cancellations or missed appointments without the requested notice time will result in a cancellation fee.

Join Our Team!

NoëlSy is always looking for awesome people to join our growing team. We are a high-end, high volume salon. We excel in customer service and value continued education. We believe that when we work together as a team, we all become better at our craft. Collaboration. Creativity. Community. That is our mission. We welcome every level of experience and background to apply as we are a space of growth and inclusiveness. Call today so we can set up an appointment to talk about all the opportunities and pathways we provide! Check us out on Instagram @noelsyart to get a better feel of who we are.


292 Montgomery Avenue,
Bala Cynwyd PA, 19004
(Corner of Old Lancaster Road)

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Meet the Team

great people. great talent.


Owner | Business Director

Michel was born in the Eastern Township of Quebec, known for its nature, culture, and vineyards. He has always found inspiration in the arts, fashion, and performance. It is this passion that quickly led him to Montreal, where he would discover the life changing opportunity to travel the world with Cirque du Soleil. For thirteen years, Michel nurtured his excitement for being part of an artistic touring team, bringing together everyone’s strengths, to share with audiences a magical experience. In 2001, Michel arrived in Philadelphia for the first time with the Dralion tour. He immediately fell in love with the city, and its culinary and artistic offerings. Fast forward to 2007, Michel contributed his skill and vision to breathe life into NoëlSy - Art in Beauty. He continuously strives to create a personable, detailed guest experience that is the signature of Noël Sy. He also strives to nurture and build a creative team that is founded in collaboration and service. In his free time, Michel reads French comics, takes long walks in nature, and enjoys cuisines from around the world. Michel’s heart belongs to his three daughters. Simone. Frankie, and Minou. They all have tails, four legs, and like to play ball. Next time you see him, ask him about his famous dance moves.


Owner | Master Colorist

Betty is Chinese born, immigrating originally to New York from Hong Kong with her parents and eight siblings. She has been a hair colorist for 28 years. After being exposed to the beauty and fashion world, and inspired by many art influences, Betty knew she needed to be in the hair community. Ever since she was a young girl, she had a passion and love for all things beauty and fashion. She thrives on creating new looks, envisioning ideas, and bringing them to life in her color work. Each new guest she works on brings a unique opportunity to fabricate a custom concept, involving dimension, movement, and depth. Her approach is that of a painter. Light and texture are her muses. Her work reflects her care and honesty, and integrity of the hair is her utmost priority. Her work is instinctive. She offers a unique and personalized perspective to each guest. In her own words, Individualism is Key. Her signature is bold and characteristic. Above all, Betty finds sharing her knowledge and experience most rewarding, educating others in the industry in her well-practiced techniques. Her dream of building community was realized when she joined forces to forge NoëlSy into existence. Betty thrives on positive energy and expression. To keep inspired, she enjoys travel, live music, hiking, vineyards, and of course, date nights with her son, Jaden. Her indulgence is anything spa. We as Us… these are the words that Betty lives by.


Owner | Master Stylist

Traviss was born in London but spent most of his early childhood in Thailand and Saudi Arabia. He discovered the salon world at nineteen years old when he moved to Philadelphia to pursue photography at University of the Arts. With a focus on fashion and no formal training, he began experimenting with hair styling for his own photography. This began his love affair with all the possibilities of creativity, using hair as the canvas. For the next 12 years, he honed his craft and developed his signature, organic cutting style. Then, an unexpected shift changed his trajectory, and he made the decision to join Cirque du Soleil and tour for the next two years. This time on the road was filled with inspiration and life experience. Returning to Philadelphia with new perspectives and expanded dreams, he committed to becoming part of the NoëlSy vision. His work is soft, feminine, and lived in and he loves creating looks that are textural, modern, and personalized. Traviss is most excited when he works collaboratively, including others in the creative process. His ambition is to always keep the salon environment inclusive, rather than exclusive. This is how beauty is best achieved. He believes that when people have good hair days, they are empowered to do good, and this is how haircuts make the world a better place.

Our Owners


Guest Services

Meet Kim, she's a huge part of the heart and soul of the Noël Sy team! If you've interacted with her, you've felt her kind heart and serving spirit. A true people person, Kim finds joy in helping guests leave with smiles. The best part of being on the Noël Sy team? The inspiration she gains from her coworkers' talents.

Kim's vibe is all about positivity, fueled by the beats of three-part harmonies and the strumming of an acoustic guitar. During downtime, she's in her happy place reading True Crime with Ripsy, her 10-year-old adopted cat on her lap. Beyond that cozy scene, you'll catch Kim at Reading Terminal, relishing local flavors and enjoying some laid-back people-watching.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Kim has rocked our guest services team for 7 years. She dreams of exploring Brazil and Switzerland in the future. Ready to add a touch of Kim's magic to your scheduling needs? She's excited to make it happen!


Guest Services

Meet Candace, an invaluable member of the Noël Sy guest services team, dedicated to assisting you with all your scheduling needs. She thrives in an environment that exudes fashion, transformation, and friendliness. Inspired by various elements, Candace finds her muse in fashion, dancing (both ballet and hip hop), and movies, even though they never fail to bring tears to her eyes. As a self-proclaimed professional rom-com queen, her all-time favorite is "The Holiday."

Candace's passion for all things Beyoncé is undeniable—whether it's the iconic clothes, the music that moves her, or the mesmerizing choreography. The lyrics "I woke up like this" hold a special place in her heart as the ones that resonate with her the most. Beyond the hustle and bustle, Candace cherishes her weekends, finding joy in Atlantic City escapades, indulgent shopping sprees, and cozy moments spent cuddling up with her beloved cat, Little Bits.


Guest Services

Meet Stephanie, a proud Philadelphia native and a vital member of the Noël Sy guest services team. Reveling in the transformations that unfold here, Stephanie's passion lies in helping others feel fantastic about themselves—making her job the absolute best.

Beyond her love for stellar customer experiences, Stephanie is a product enthusiast, with a particular fondness for exploring and trying out different hair products. Currently, her top pick is Kevin Murphy's "Thick Again," a discovery she can't get enough of.

While Stephanie thrives in the salon world, her world outside is equally vibrant. Inspired by her son, Damon, she's a dedicated flower grower and a culinary maestro, often whipping up delicious dishes with her Bull Terrier, Tuco, as her loyal sous-chef.

Known for her caring listening skills, Stephanie finds deep meaning in being of service to others. Her life motto is simple but powerful: "Leave the past in the past; it's there for a reason." And when it comes to her favorite color, it's all about pink—because, as Stephanie puts it, it's happy and pretty!

Guest Services


Senior Colorist | Keratin Specialist

Cindi is Philly born and raised and has proudly been in the hair industry for thirty years. It all began with her grandmother, who had long., beautiful hair and Cindi would tirelessly brush and style it for church. Using the hair as her canvas for her color formulations is where she finds her joy, as well as the relationships and connections she develops behind the chair. Her favorite technique is foiling the hair to create depth and contrast. All you redheads listen up… she has a special place in her colorist heart for you! Cindi also has a reputation for her impeccable keratin applications. She finds so much inspiration in her team here at NoëlSy, and also in her daughter, Lita, who is a stylist barber. Her big, caring heart is undeniable, and she is always there to offer a listening ear. Spending time with her family and two grandchildren, enjoying live music, and dining is how she chooses to spend her free time. “Family First”. Two words she lives by. Cindi is a senior colorist and has been part of the team since day one! And no holiday season would be complete if Cindi didn’t bring in her famous Mac and Cheese! Ask her for the recipe!


Senior Stylist

Irene’s beauty career began in Dnipro, Ukraine where her grandfather was a hairdresser and she started doing hair at the age of 16. She enjoys working on all hair types, creating looks for both men and women. She hones her craft everyday behind the chair and finds her inspiration in the fashion world. Textural cutting is something that comes very natural to her. Did you know perms are back? No, really. Ask Irene about her perming skills. A delicious glass (or two) of Malbec makes her happy, and she splits her beach time between Miami and Ventnor. She’s been spotted dining out with her yorkie Gigi, who she gladly shares her burger with.


Senior Stylist | Extension Specialist

Transforming someone’s bad day into one they can feel good about is what Frances loves to do. And she does this by creating beautiful hair behind the chair here at NoëlSy. This aim to improve how people feel about themselves started at a young age, when she decided she wanted to be a hairstylist. She has never looked back. Keeping actively creative, she uses Instagram as a portal to get exposure to the talent of artists all over the world. Francis lives for the challenge of major transformations and cutting unique shapes and concepts. Her artistry is far reaching with specialties including bridal hair, up styles, extensions, and curly hair. Jewelry making and piano playing are other outlets for her expressiveness. Frances is unafraid to use herself as the canvas, and like a chameleon, changes her own hair color over and over again. “Do something outside yourself, something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you”. A philosophy Frances subscribes to. Get to know her better at @hairbyfranny


Senior Stylist | Colorist

Interestingly, David began his professional career as an environmental/chemical engineer. But you never know where life will lead you! His curiosity for the beauty industry was sparked by a friend who was an educator for Rusk. It was when this friend promised to hire and teach David upon his graduation from cosmetology school that his decision was made. The freedom that the hair industry provides is what he thrives on. Architecture. Nature. Art. All are amazing sources of inspiration for David. His primary motivation? His fellow teammates at NoëlSy, and the excitement of seeing them use new, advanced techniques. In his heart, David is an outdoorsman, and it’s in the vastness of Nature that his happiness lives. Have you ever heard of an Elkabea? David has one. It’s his Elkhound and beagle mix! Anyone who knows David knows how much he loves food (he’s eaten 12 tacos in one sitting). We’re all still trying to figure out how he maintains those abs of his… “If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly.” David’s favorite quote. He also believes in giving everything into anything that you do. Anyone who’s sat in his chair knows this to be true. Get to know him better @david_noelsy


Senior Stylist | Colorist

Meet Geralyn, drawn to the beauty industry for its creative and artistic energy within the salon environment. Her journey began in Bucks County, where mentorship propelled her to success, quickly amassing a devoted following. Now, 35 years later, she stands as a seasoned senior stylist, offering a mastery of her craft to every client in her chair.

Geralyn finds inspiration in the transformative process, seamlessly navigating between cut and color services. Beyond the salon, her appreciation for shapes, color, and design extends to gardening, flowers, and interior decor—outlets for her boundless creativity. Picture her in her backyard, poolside with her doodles, Harper and Rosie; that's her happy place.

Looking forward, Geralyn envisions a fulfilled, healthy life, eagerly anticipating the joy of seeing her granddaughter grow in the future.


Junior Stylist | Colorist

Chelsea began her hair journey by expressing her creativity through her own hair color and styles. She soon discovered the salon environment was the perfect place for her to expand her talent, where the look of satisfaction on her client’s face is her biggest pleasure. She finds inspiration in small details of her daily life. A cup of morning coffee can muse the most beautiful brunette in her chair. Her peers and many talented hairdressers are also influences in her work. Chelsea’s knowledge is comprehensive. She provides her clients with color, haircut, blow dry, keratin, extension, and treatment services. She can build a look from the foundation up. This begins with a thorough consultation to ensure her guest’s expectations are met. Her best friend is her fur child, Shorty. The magical potato, in all its incarnations, is her favorite food. She can also tap dance while she does your touch up, just ask her. “Slowly is the quickest way to success.” Her favorite quote that embodies her career at NoëlSy. She has invested time, energy, and patience to develop her skill and artistry. And her guests love her for it. Get to know her better at @chelseabarr_hair


Junior Stylist | Colorist

Born in Vietnam, An moved to Philadelphia at the age of 3 with his father. He was quickly taken in by a woman named Miriam, who he affectionately refers to as his Jewish grandmother. Miriam was instrumental in emigrating his mother and sister three years later. It was in high school when An began cutting his friends hair in the basement. After earning an associate's degree, but feeling uninspired, he was encouraged to pursue hair by a girlfriend who recognized his passion. At 20, he began working at various reputable salons in the Philadelphia area and by 26, he was recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as offering the Best Blowout. He is driven by the client connection, and creating positive self-image for each of his guests. Travel and reconnecting with his Vietnamese family and culture makes him happy. His bucket list destination is Hokkaido, Japan. Work Hard, Play Hard. This is An’s philosophy for balanced living. Out of the salon, he enjoys snowboarding, bike rides in nature, and rooting for his favorite Philly sports teams. In his words, he bleeds green. Fly Eagles Fly!


Junior Stylist

Meet Mark, a stylist whose journey began in his teen years, cutting and coloring friends' hair—an early passion that evolved into a profession. A graduate of Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia, Mark's skills have been finely honed over the years.

His artistic inspiration draws from diverse sources, including professional athletes, anime, and the latest social media trends. When it comes to culinary delights, Mark's palate is as diverse as his artistic influences, with favorites ranging from lobster and oysters to strawberry shortcake and tiramisu. Little wonder his favorite destination is his own kitchen!

Beyond the salon, Mark has a soft spot for furry critters and proudly plays the role of hamster dad to Ms. Henny. Specializing in blow-drying and styling, particularly with natural hair textures, Mark brings a blend of creativity and culinary flair to both his professional and personal endeavors.

Our Artists



Simply put, Alison loves everything about the esthetician industry. But what she loves most is how her work helps her guests feel good about themselves. She does this by offering an extensive menu of services. Facials, waxing, make up, lash and brow tinting. These are all the tools she uses to enhance and evoke her guest's natural beauty. If you’ve never tried her Gold Illuminating Facial, do yourself a favor and book this luxurious treatment today! Anyone that knows Alison knows that she is consistently happy, her boisterous personality is undeniable. She prides herself on being honest, and always taking the time to listen to the needs of her guests. Family and friends are important to her, and cooking and sharing meals is how she likes to spend her free time. What’s her favorite food? Food! BE YOU. Two simple words that Alison lives by, and what she offers at NoëlSy will help you to BE (a beautiful) YOU!

Our Esthetician


Associate | Stylist | Colorist

Introducing Celia, originally from Western Maryland, where her passion for hairstyling began as a young girl, turning sleepovers into impromptu salon sessions for friends. Taking her love for hair to the next level, Celia enrolled in a work-study at a local salon during her senior year of high school, solidifying her decision to turn her passion into a lifelong career.

After graduation, Celia set her sights on Philadelphia, enrolling in cosmetology school to further hone her skills. Fast forward, and she has never looked back. What she cherishes most is helping clients discover their beauty and self-confidence, fostering genuine connections behind the salon chair.

Beyond the salon, Celia finds solace by the ocean, spending summers at the Jersey Shore on her family's boat. What sets Celia apart is her fluency in American Sign Language. Being hard of hearing herself, she takes pride in offering quality hair consultations and services for those who communicate using sign language. Her favorite services? Highlighting, men's haircuts, and crafting beautiful braiding styles. There's truly something wonderfully unique about Celia!


Associate | Stylist | Colorist

Emily is from Philadelphia and is the daughter of a hairdresser. Originally interested in pursuing film, an opportunity presented itself when she booked an appointment at NoëlSy for hair services. She left that day with a new look, and an interview date! Needless to say, she got the job and is now considering a future in the beauty world. Emily is a “people person” and she loves helping her guests feel beautiful and confident. She has quite the reputation for her relaxing shampoo service and her specialized hair treatments. She is inspired by anime hair and fantasy colors. Emily is a creative soul and is a highly talented artist. Her cat is named Aizy. "Be kind, love yourself, have fun", a motto she lives by. She also loves reading NASA news so next time you see her, ask her anything about space facts.  

Our Associates

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